About Tiger Ridge Terrain Park


        CBS TIGER RIDGE TERRAIN PARK & NORDIC CENTER is based on the North side of ChangBai Mountain. The altitude of the base area is 950 meters with a vertical drop of 220 meters. Tiger Ridge sits between the town of Erdaobaihe and the North gate of ChangBai Mountain.

        The park has an all season 3A Lava Park with the best view of CBS and the NE China forests open to public.

        Tiger Ridge has designed the first all season action sports park in China, showcasing skiing and snowboarding terrain parks in the winter, with public areas for beginners and intermediates riders and advanced slopestyle, big air, and slalom courses for the athlete training and professional riders and skiers. The Nordic Center is set up with groomed trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing that wind through the beautiful ChangBai forests. In the summer CBS TRTP transforms into a mountain bike Mecca, with terrain for all disciplines of the sport. It also features areas for disc and Putt Putt golf, skateboarding, mountainboarding, longboarding, and a world class asphalt pump track, all accessible to the public. CBS TRTP also features indoor training facility’s and indoor action sport courses in two modern air domes.

       Tiger Ridge Mountain Academy has partnered with world famous snowboarder & mountain biker Duncan Mainland to offer intensive snowboard, ski, mountain bike, skateboard, and longboard lessons. It has also teamed up with the best terrain park builders in the business, Charles Beckinslae & Brandan Dodds, to offer park design and maintenance lessons. Tiger Ridge Mountain Academy has developed the best snowboardingtutorial videos and offers a variety of camps to serve all level needs and abilities.

         CBS TRTP is the best choice for you to experience mountain sports and mountain life.